About  CORE  Education

CORE Education created Student Merit (studentmerit.com), an educational application that supports a climate of positive behavior at a school site. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Blake Silvers and Mr. Theodore Okasinski, CORE Education sets out with a mission to study, improve, and refine behavioral practices in school settings. CORE Education was created for real educators to bring systematic change in education, especially as it relates to supporting positive student behavior.

CORE Education establishes a platform for educators and anyone working with children to better understand and respond to student behavior. From administrators to teachers and from mentors to coaches, CORE Education stresses the importance of community, respect, and empathy as it relates to the relationship between children and adults on the path to learning. CORE Education experts are available for individual consultation on addressing children's' behavior in multiple settings. Click on the contact us tab for more information and/or for a free initial consultation that may be based on your particular needs.

With a combined 30+ years working in education at the administrative, counseling, teaching, coaching and mentoring levels, the founders bring forward a vast amount of experience and knowledge in addressing the behavioral and social emotional needs of all students in a school community. We empower educators with a state of the art, 21st century tool to successfully implement research-based practices at school sites to engage all stakeholders in improving the school climate. Through the "4 Cs" — Communication, Collaboration, Consistency, and Collection/Continuation — CORE Education offers a framework for promoting and implementing a community of respect and empathy on any school site. The tool, Student Merit, serves as a platform to collect and disaggregate data based on positive behaviors deemed crucial by different school stakeholder groups.

Student Merit was created with a specific purpose...

To allow schools to successfully implement a proven PBIS model, with the ability to seamlessly collect behavioral data, print reports and easily distribute reinforcers to students.

Overall, the program is a vehicle to empower school personnel to bring about a culture of positivity and good behavior for the betterment of the entire school community.

Highlights of the program include:

  1. The ability to reinforce behavior through both digital and tangible means.
  2. The ability to serve as a database for positive behavior support, thus allowing schools to store all of the positive data in one easily accessible and secure location.
  3. The ability for schools to have a platform to run metrics, providing staff with data to be used for evaluating and analyzing progress at meetings, such as parent conferences, SST's and IEP's.

With 3 levels of login, the distribution and collection of reinforcement has never been easier to implement. By providing paper reward tickets, a full version website, and a mobile platform, Student Merit can work for all educators to efficiently teach and monitor students' positive behavior.

Student Merit is a simple, smart, and strategic program created by educators for educators.